More In Control Of My Life

More in control of my life

Before the therapy I had engaged myself in way too many commitments and eventually hit burnout on all levels. Throw in a little existential crisis and it was the perfect storm for disintegration. The ECR then occurred at the perfect time guiding me through both the transformation process or hibernation and insight into the stages of spring and renewal.

The period I went through ECR was a period of intense reflection, connection with God through faith, discover my support systems and love. These all worked in unison to facilitate my healing and the ECR helped me focus on knowing myself, letting go of past karma and becoming aware of holding patterns.

After therapy, I have matured in my being; I also find more insights/creative connection; I feel closer and closer to God everyday; my love and family life has improved; my self-confidence and awareness of reality has increased and overall I feel like I’m more in control of my life.

What was interesting during the the therapy was discovering the past influences on my current state and blocked chis. I had read about karmic memory before but had no idea how it would work in a real-world setting. The process and art of letting go/releasing both through Dhennver and Hui Ling and eventually myself was also interesting and is something I still practice till this day.

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