Mother Finally Rescued Troubled Son

Mother finally rescued troubled son
Child development

​I had various challenges with my 7 year old son, Matthew, and Dhennver had made so much difference in our life. I’m not sure where to start but I’ll just give it a try.

We initially worked on issues such as temper and anger. Besides that, he has short attention and is easily distracted. Another challenge that we faced was that he was over-confident. It only took two sessions of BQRT and the improvements were very noticeable. Even his teachers were commenting on how he has transformed. He also has frequent nose bleeds, but even this has stopped after BQRT sessions!

​Unfortunately, my husband passed away shortly after that. It was without doubt catastrophic to Matthew as his relationship with his father is very close. I became really worried as Matthew did not show much signs of grief. That’s when I began to see his behavior take a turn for the worse. His behavior was so intolerable as he became disrespectful and rude to people around him including me, temperamental and lost all hope. I started receiving daily calls from his school teachers, complaining to me regarding his bad attitude and him avoiding his homework. I know he didn’t want to behave the way he did, but he didn’t know why he did as well. I was having such a difficult time getting along with him. It was such a nightmare, I felt lost and even more depressed. I also felt helpless as I tried very hard to talk it out with him every night. This led to a hundred sleepless nights for me.

I know all the BQRT sessions were supposed to be working well but the improvements were not satisfactory. I even considered seeing a psychiatrist for help but the waiting list was too long. However, as Dhennver mentioned, the sessions would surely work and it was probably because we did not identify the keywords accurately. I am really thankful as Dhennver patiently listened to picked out all the necessary keywords to work, and a miracle happened! I noticed the changes started to happen. I know that we have managed to identify the keywords and to remove the blocked Qi that was affecting his worsening behavior. It usually takes about a week for these changes to show. I am so happy with the relationship that I have with Matthew now. Also, some of his teachers started giving positive feedback of his improving behavior after about 4 weeks of BQRT sessions.

After this challenging experience, I’d like to assure all the concerned parents out there who face similar problems with their kids to be patient with them as their problems could be multifaceted. Dhennver was very sharp and experienced to identify the keywords that I did not realize myself. Even though we required more sessions than anticipated, nonetheless, I truly encourage parents to try BQRT as I believe it is still effective and less intrusive compared to other options available. Imagine, most of the session were done through distant healing and I did not need the cooperation from Matthew.

I am grateful to Dhennver for his patience and his efforts to strengthen the relationship between my son and I. Thank you.

Hui Ling

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