Mother Was Living Like A Zombie

Testimony lost mother zombie

As life goes on, my life has been changing, my character changed over the time, due to lifestyle and living environment. And I started to lose myself in life, living like a zombie. All my time was given to my family and kids, I often forgotten myself, who I am. I’m just lost.. So lost.

I had a very thick energetic cage wall, thickest wall among the clients, so unbelievable. During the therapy, I had no idea how they did it via Zoom, but seriously amazing. I feel so much relief, happier and lighter.

I’m definitely not their promoter, after ECR therapy I feel so many people need this therapy. Haha.. And definitely need to practice and continue the law of attraction. You cannot have positive acts with negative mindsets.

Besides that, ever since I had second child, I scold my eldest more, for some reason, anything he does seems to irritate me. I feels so guilty after scolding him. I often told myself not to do it anymore, but it still repeats and repeats again. As a working mum, with two kids to handle and to cook, the stress level to handle all by myself is extreme. Especially during lock down, I find that I am competing with time, work piles up. With all the daily routine, the day just passes in a blink of the eye. I try to convince myself to pull through it and I will be fine. In the end, I didn’t expect it but it got worse.

After ECR, I feel so much relief. They don’t seem to irritate me so much. I still scold my kids if they misbehave but I am in control of my emotions. I feel happier and have opened up. My relationship with my family has improved. The blocked qi is no longer in my body. I just can’t explain in words, it’s the feeling. You probably think is bull sh*t, but you will have to experience it to know.

Mother lost zombie
Working Mother
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