Learnt To Sit With My Fears & Found My Purpose

Purpose of life

The 8-week results breakthrough coaching program is for anyone who is ready to take charge of their own life, who wants to get to know themselves better and who sets out to live a purposeful life. The program is well structured, my tip for anyone who is keen to join this program, is to take time to fill the initial questionnaire, and complete it honestly, so as to enjoy maximum benefit of this program.

This program has helped me set a purposeful life, reinforces my passions and removed self doubts. I find the program very interesting, intriguing, and startling, at times. Over the 8 sessions, I learned more about myself, of my potential, and removed my limiting beliefs. I have also learned to listen to my higher self. My most important lesson is that I learn to sit down with my fears, as equals, not one dominant than the other, as uncomfortable as it can be, I learned that by sitting still and quietly with my fears, eventually we would achieve peace. My fears are nothing but an extension of myself, one that I cannot rid off, nor do I cling onto, we somehow coexist in this lifetime, learning to befriend and belove. My biggest transformation is having set and identifying a life purpose, I feel more grounded and purposeful than before; whenever my heart waivers, I remember the messages from my heart – “Pause, keep still, smile and breathe, stand tall like a tree and fill the heart with love”. and my heart is full.

Found my purpose
Joanne Lim
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