My Life Changed Overnight

My life changed overnight
My life changed overnight

When I was first told about the Energetic Cage Release (ECR), my first thought was ‘Wow, can this be done?’ . I am a firm believer that if you want to change your life, you have to do things differently. So, I went for the sessions, 5 in all. Met Dhennver & Hui Ling and literally my life changed overnight. You learn so many things about yourself, the past and how every action results in a reaction.

After the sessions, I felt lighter, happier, full of positivity and a reason for being. The old saying ‘ you can’t change others but you can change yourself ‘ is so true! I saw things in a different light, my face was more radiant and most of all, I regained my self worth. I wished that I knew about ECR so much more earlier!


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