No Longer Have The Insomnia Problem And It Was Totally Gone

No longer have the insomnia problem and it was totally gone

Hello my name is Lee. I have been having hyperuricemia condition or gout condition for the last 2 or 3 years. And I have been on medication for the last one year or so. Lately I have experienced consistent pain over my right ankle. Even though the pain is tolerable but I have recurrent attacks with prevents me from going jogging and doing some exercise which I routinely do over once a week or twice. I find that it is very frustrating and it takes away my mobility on my daily routine.

After I was introduced to the block qi therapy, initially when I hear it my immediate response was “what is it?” I have never heard of it. There is no medication involved, there’s no surgery, no other kind of therapy involved. I tried it.

And to my surprise, after a couple of sessions doing the block qi therapy, I find that the pain at my right angle disappear. After a month or so, I realised that the pain is totally gone and I am able to do my routine weekly exercise like jogging freely without experiencing pain. And that prompt me to think. Hey, what happened? And to my surprise, again, it comes to mind, “ah… maybe the block qi therapy works”.

And now after two months doing the block qi therapy, I have stopped my medication, I have went for a blood test without taking allopurinol. My uric acid level has dropped from 660 (previously before doing the block qi therapy) to 423 which is within the normal range recommended by professional medical doctors.

I find that it is helping me. I find that the block qi therapy is good.

And after doing the first few therapies on my gout condition, I consulted Mr. Dhennver, about insomnia. Because soon after that, I couldn’t sleep well for the past 3-4 weeks. I consulted Mr. Dhennver, could that be due to the block qi therapy or may I am going through a bad period of not sleeping well. Well, then he said, lets have a look at it. Maybe block qi therapy can help that insomnia problem as well.

That day I happen to meet up with him in Alor Setar, we did a session on block qi to improve the condition of insomnia, and again, after 2-3 days, I was able to sleep better. I find that I no longer have the insomnia problem and it was totally gone.

I am very happy with the therapy of blocked qi and I find that it is very useful for me personally. I would continue to do a few more sessions on my tophi condition and maybe I would recommend people to try it even though, as myself initially when I heard it, it is not explainable. Until you experience it personally then you will find out. Ya… it is an alternative which may help. That’s my finding of block qi therapy. Thank you.

​Lee KS

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