Plantar Fasciitis Healed

Plantar fasciitis qi gong

I developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019, after walking 20 mins every morning and evening for a month. It is a condition caused by inflammation at the ligament that connects the front of my foot to my heel.

As a result, every morning when I start my first few steps it will be painful and normally I would be limping. Sometimes it also hurts as I get up from a chair after long hours. This affects my quality of life every day.

Amazingly today, 2021 March, I had recovered without any medication or physiotherapy.


By joining TipTopYou eQi Gong group healing sessions!

I noticed it is now healed and I have now fully recovered with just 6 sessions once a week. Interestingly, this healing only requires you to stand still during the session, it is not like the Qi Gong practices that you see in the park.

Sincerely thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling for the wonderful healing.

Audrey Ng
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