Qi Gong: Knee and Back Pain Went Away

Qigong knee back pain

I was an ex professional athlete with back and knee injuries, including an ACL repair. I have since always avoided contact and high impact sports, feeling limited and lesser than my younger days. When I saw TTY’s Qigong zoom session, I was quite skeptical, nevertheless thought I gave it a try.

The sessions are very calming, just staying still without doing much. To my surprise, I can feel energy flowing through my body while Dhennver & Hui Ling clears out the energy. After a few weeks my knee and back pain went away completely. I even resumed high impact sports after a few months such as badminton (multiple times, weeks in a row!) and there was zero relapse! This makes me feel so liberated and empowered to have the mobility and freedom as an active individual. I’m extremely grateful to Dhennver & Hui Ling for the weekly Qigong session as my quality of life has improved tremendously! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Qigong knee back pain
ex professional athlete
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