Recovery From COVID Critical Condition

Covid vaccination critical condition

My friend was admitted to hospital after being tested positive for Covid. Coincidentally, she has just completed 2 doses of the vaccination, but subsequently was in contact with a covid positive person and experienced symptoms. I guess her immunity was low.

She was admitted to the hospital. Her body was not healing after a few days of treatment and blood started to clot. They tried to draw out her blood 4 times for tests, but couldn’t. And her stomach was not well, breathing results not reaching the average benchmark. She was suffering and could barely smile nor have any appetite.

With divine guidance, Dhennver and Hui Ling helped with ECR healing via Zoom, with the consent of patient. She needn’t be present in the Zoom healing, but done through us on behalf. After the first healing, a huge part of her ‘Blocked Qi’ issues were cleared, and we felt the relief in her overall energy. That night, she could finally have some restful sleep.

The next day was a tremendous change! Greeted by her smile, she looks so much better, and could have some appetite for soup. Nurse could draw out blood, and her overall test reading was better. By night, she had appetite for some proper dinner.

The second ECR healing session helped clear another major blocked qi issue. And the following day, she improved further and got discharged.

It’s a miracle to see how ECR helped in her body to heal, especially in times like these where COVID is a scary and challenging virus to deal with.

Wishing everyone dealing with covid, a speedy recovery, take care and stay safe 😀

Testimony covid recovery
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