Released Past That Affects Present

Released past that affects present
Released past that affects present

Just few months before the therapy, I went through a rough patch in life – I had a bad relationship break-up and started a new job with some form of challenges. My mom was the one who recommended me this therapy – I didn’t know much about this therapy and its benefit before then except that it was costly!

However, my mindset about the therapy changed right after the first session (or actually, during the session itself). To me, the sessions were like a self discovery. You get to understand about your past, the feelings that you had about the past and how it can affect the present. I find it really amazing. I felt much more “lighter” right after the first session!

The therapist also gives guidance and advise on the Law of Attraction and how we can use it in our daily lives to attract what we want. I found that very helpful too.

Now that I’ve completed the therapy, I can proudly say that I believe the money was well spent – it is better than spending it on a psychologist or seeing a doctor.

Post therapy – it just doesn’t stop there. It is all about continuous practice. I would highly recommend this therapy!


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