Remedy To Help Reduce Teenage Suicidal?

Remedy teenage suicidal

I wanted to write this testimony to share this amazing help from TipTopYou that any parents who are concern about their children should consider. I wrote previously about my daughter’s outcome after her 1st Energetic Cage Release (ECR) earlier this year which I won’t repeat here. So why am I writing another testimony again.

Being a little overly protective mom, I really wanted my girl to be super confident that she can handle any situations when she head over to Australia to further her studies alone. This would be her first time leaving home and attempting life on her own. My girl agreed to go through Advance Heart to Soul (H2S) Healing with Dhennver and Hui Ling as these sessions were completed before her A-Levels final exams.

A bit of a background before all ECR sessions. Every exams my girl went through has always been super tensed, stressful, lack of sleep and no sense of joy in her. You can imagine 1 month before her exams starts everyone tip toe around her if not she will be hissed at. Definitely a stressful time not just for her but all of us. Having said that, yes she still does well but it was not mentally and emotionally good for her. Hence the look out for some help that she can practise by herself when she is going through this emotion again. Intention is to enjoy study life and enjoy exams.

Back to today. The Advanced H2S was completed before her A-Levels final exams. A Levels exams is on going now. The advance H2S has not only shown super apparent difference in her attitude towards exam. She smiles and greets all of us in the morning before going for her exams. She feels super relax and told me she only needs to study 4 hours and the rest she takes it easy. She finds her friends overdoing 10 hours of study before exams tiring. That’s a real change in her and her ability to consciously know what is best for her. She even sleeps early the night before her exams. This is the first time I have witness her sleeping early before exams. 😀 I feel so good about how she is approaching life now and everyone around her is happy too.

What worked for her is releasing all the feeling of unsupported, lack of self-love and lack of self-confidence. We also did an inner child release and to my surprise, the incident which I was involved has caused her lots of confusion for the last 10 years. She has also learnt skills to listen to her intuition and to trust her angels to be always there for her. She continuously practice gratitude journaling and has been more positive in thinking. Many more tools she has in her Doremon pocket and I am sure it would come to good use when it is needed.

Imagine your child releasing all the trauma we instilled in them unconsciously. We do not know what we said or did could have hurt them so badly. With ECR, this gives us the opportunity to help our child release this bad qi that we have given them and allow them to live their life better. I foresee this is also the best remedy to help reduce teenage suicidal further. I hope every parent give yourself a chance (Highly recommend parents to do the ECR first) and your child a chance too.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Dhennver and Hui Ling for this amazing transformation for my girl and myself.

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Ko Woan Chyi
Concerned Mother
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