Sceptic Changed Her Life

Sceptic changed her life

You have no idea how sceptical I was about Energetic Cage Release therapy! I even strongly disapproved my friend from getting involved with such alternative healing.

I guess I was just ignorant and until now… I don’t really understand how it works but it works! Dhennver can explain the concepts about the therapy better than anyone else. I bet you won’t be able to understand it after either.

Anyway, doing the 5 sessions changed my life! Seriously, best investment on myself. Firstly, the liberation and the feeling of happiness from within that I didn’t know I had. I am now able to see things from a very positive perspective. I guess my stress levels has dropped drastically as I do not have any more aches and pains!

Who would have imagined I had this tension accumulated inside and how it is affecting me!

I think my self-image must have shifted as I finally lost weight. Most importantly, I have such sharp intuitions now about people. I recognise the toxic people in my life. So i guess I have learnt to accept myself.

Interestingly, I guess people around me are liking and noticing the new me. They comment that I am looking younger and my tone of voice is more peaceful. I am often asked what I did to get this transformation! My daughter feels I am easier to talk with now and she can feel more love. I enjoy the beautiful relationship with my bosses, colleagues and friends.

So I understand you may be sceptical, but it’s life changing!

Soma Sim

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