Self Love, Confidence and Intuition

Self love confidence and intuition

Before this, I was very lacking in confident and don’t know how to love myself. I always wanting to get love from others, especially my husband. I always showed bad temper towards my husband. I have been going for many classes to try to learn self love, but those classes wasn’t able to help much.

I was surprised from the first session of the therapy, as Dhennver and Hui Ling told me that I was numb so that I wasn’t able to connect with my feelings, and this was also the reason I couldn’t feel happy, sad, love, etc. Throughout the therapy, I got to know more and more about myself, I was able to connect to myself, and I was surprisingly so calm even when the things happen, and I was able to face and solve them with a peaceful mind.

The part that I love most is that I could actually listen to my soul’s message, and this makes me so intimate to myself, and I never experience this before! I am superbly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this therapy and I am a better me now!

Confidence souls message
Kacey Yeo
Working Mother
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