Shoulder Pain Gone, Too Good To Be True

Shoulder pain gone, too good to be true
Shoulder pain gone, too good to be true

I first heard about Dhennver and his BQRT from a friend, “too good to be true” was my very first thought.

I had been having some minor physical problem like skin allergy & blurry eyesight, but worst of all was the neck and shoulder pain which eventually caused numbness to my whole left arm, it even disturbed my sleep. For months my stress level was very high and I woke up almost every night, felt nervous and sweated. So when my friend told me about her BQRT experience I was tempted to try, so I contacted Dhennver for therapy session.

I won’t tell you what had happened during the therapy, coz that’s best part and you just have to experience it yourself. But I can tell you the result is somewhat overwhelming! Though I very much wanted it to work, down at the very bottom of my heart I did have some doubts: Really?

Really! It had worked a miracle on me!

Merely after 2 sessions my neck/shoulder pain was gone so as the agonizing numbness on my arm. Then I found I no longer had the skin allergy. Yeah the stress is still there but I can better cope with it and I’m sleeping like a baby now!

​Ying Ying

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