Shoulder Pain Gone

It’s funny… most clients will not admit that they have stress neither will they believe that stress is the cause of their shoulder and neck pain. Well… have you noticed that it tend to be better when you are away on a relaxing holiday and it gets bad when you are rushing to submit a report?

Shoulder and neck pain is one of the most common complains of corporate executives. You sometimes have not choice but to go for weekly massages to sooth that annoying pain.  Not only is it robbing your quality of life, but the weekly massage is going to cost you money too. If you can clear it once and for all, what does that mean for you?

I know, some would say that it is your sitting posture (could be). However, as most of my clients experienced, stress is the root cause of their shoulder pain. Simply removing these hidden messages due to stress in your subconscious mind, BQRT provides fast and lasting relieve.

As you can see from the response from this client, to her surprise, her shoulder pain is gone after doing BQRT. 

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