The Sorrow In Me Had Shrunk

The sorrow in me had shrunk
The sorrow in me had shrunk

Hi, if you are reading this now, you are very lucky. Although I don’t know who you are, yet I am pretty sure that you are curious why you are here and what would happen following this. Let me try to explain my experience with you.

At the beginning, I was very hesitant to go for this energetic cage release therapy. Because I wasn’t aware how he or she can help me. I often face these therapies with skepticism. However, after the first session, I realised the sorrow in me had shrunk. I felt good as I felt emotionally relieved. Hence, I am no longer skeptical about it. Besides that, I no longer wear dark coloured clothes (their personal opinion to recommend that I don’t wear black coloured clothes).

Interestingly, I was even looking forward to attending the sessions and feel very happy every time I completed a session. When I completed the fifth and final session, I definitively felt the changes in me. I felt the emotional baggages were lifted off me, more joyful, had self confidence, and was able to socialise and meet more friends. So I am eternally grateful to Dhennver and Hui Ling who help me through this.

Before every session, they would take a picture of me. This was to ensure that you were able to see the changes for yourself (the details of which I shall not reveal). Most importantly, they can help you.

I suggest that if you decided to do the therapy, then you have to persist. First of all, you need to have the mindset that you want to change and be better. Otherwise, no matter how much you invested, irregardless of the number of sessions, it may still not work. That means that after the five sessions, you must consistently remind yourself to practice what they have taught you during the sessions. After completion, you should practice daily gratitude. This will amplify the benefits and healing (I am doing this now).

Gambateh! You can do it!
Looking forward to your transformations!

Yi Ran
14 years old

嗯?你在看吗?你好小幸运🌟。虽然我不知道你是谁,但是你现在一定很好奇为什么你会在这里/接下来将会发生什么?那么就由我来和你分享我的经验。开始时我都是臭着脸去的,因为我不知道他/她会怎么帮到我,我也对这东西半信半疑。但是去了一次后,我觉得我里面的伤心变少了,整个人的感觉也比较好了。所以我不再臭着脸,也没再穿黑衣(个人问题,他们建议我不要穿)。而且接下来我都是满怀期待地去,开开心心地回。当我完成了五次的疗程,我真的感觉我变了很多。我变得比较轻松,比较开朗,更有自信,可以交更多的朋友。所以我真的感恩Dhennver和Hui Ling给予我的帮助 。每次开始疗程前他们会为你拍一张照片,是为了让你看到你的改变(剩下的我就不透露了,总而言之他们会帮到你)。我建议如果你选择了继续,就要坚持下去。首先要保持有改变自己的心态,不然无论你付了多少钱,去了多少次都没有用。即使你完成了五次的疗程你也要时刻提醒自己他们曾经教过你的东西。完成后你也可以把每天要感恩的事记录在一个本子里,这样会更好地帮到自己(我正在做这件事)。加油,你行的。期待你的改变!😄


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