Feeling Down And Felt Quite Lost

Anxiety-stress-am-i-okBefore the therapy, I was feeling down and felt quite lost. I was tired, lethargic and felt like fainting. I felt very anxious as well. My blood pressure and pulse rate were quite high (blood pressure was around 140 -150/ 85 – 95; Pulse rate was 115 – 120 in average). I was on medication for one week. Even if I’m not on my meds, they were still on the high side.

On the first day of the therapy session, my pressure and pulse rate dropped (blood pressure around 110 – 120/ 75 – 80; pulse rate was 90 – 99) ~ without any medication. Ever since then, my pressure remained the same, my pulse rate could go further down to 80. I feel relieved, lighter and feeling like being free.

The interesting thing about the therapy is using the Law of Attraction and being aligned to the universe. That’s something I have never done before. By doing this, I felt that things actually workout smoothly whether it is work, or even, time.

Thank you so much for helping me to get through this.

Alternative anxiety mental health
Samuel Leong
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