Symptoms Got Worse? or Healing Crisis?

Testimony healing crisis
Testimony healing crisis

​Recently had experienced of coughing and shoulder pain that lead me to seek Denver for healing.. cough got better but I experience something called healing crisis for my shoulder… I was having this shoulder pain that been there for very long time.. until this healing help me.. after I did the healing, the pain as gone immediately to my great relief but a few day later it came back… much to my disappointment and i told Denver about it..

Then he told me I am going thru healing crisis? I didn’t know what it was at first cos all I know is that the pain was much worst then before the treatment and I tot the healing make it worst. The pain was bad that I felt sore and heaviness on my shoulder (like carrying 10 bricks on each shoulder).. after reading what it was, I was glad it happen for a reason.. my body is removing the pain so that it can heal… now I dont have this pain anymore.


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