Teenager Out From Darkness

Happy teenager
Happy teenager

“Energetic Cage? What a joke.”

“How much does it cost? So expensive!”

I still remember when I was still the close hearted blur dude. Nothing special. Thinking back, my motto was “You mind your own business and I mind mine.” Taking part in anything was like a drag-down, another large stone to carry.

In a blink of an eye, Im fine and done with energetic cage and look at me now! I’ve become open, I have more patience and guess what? I’m still me, but better! The thing that I always believe is that I’m gonna become another ​person. I’m going to be brainwashed. The truth is, the energetic cage is like your car wash, cleaning all your internal dungs.

And, I’ve actually come to realise that taking part in another activity isn’t taking another large stone, but taking a diamond instead, because coming along with it is the priceless experiences and happiness. For that amount of money? It’s worth it.

In addition, the old me would be always tired with back-aches, sitting there half-studying, half-sleeping. It felt awful. I would still be wandering around with my dead face, just like a zombie. Now, I’m so grateful that I have done the energetic cage. The energetic cage made me who I am now, a happy and healthy 15-year-old.

After the change, I’ve mixed more with friends, joined a great club and my social circle has expanded to such a great length I never knew it could. Now, all these weird people I’ve met before, I can accept them now! Making friends with different types of people also taught me that everybody is special, everybody has an extraordinary story to tell. Last time, my face would even change once someone said something about me. My pissed-off face would pop out and my mood will crash down to rock bottom. Besides that, I, the old me would always answer everything with “I don’t know”. That’s it. Know or not, I would always answer, “I don’t know”. It’s like my opinion wouldn’t even matter.

​Thank you Uncle Dhennver and Aunt Hui Ling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for my mother for your endless care and love for me.

15 years old

Teenager out from darkness
Teenager out from darkness
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