Teenager Rebonds With Extremely Grateful & Relieved Mother

Mother teenage daughter
Mother teenage daughter

Energetic Cage Release (ECR) was a life changing experience for me. Felt tons lighter, happier, full of positivity, more aware of my thoughts and actions.

My 17 year old daughter has been going through a phase in the past 5 years, transforming from outgoing, friendly and vibrant to a morose, quiet and withdrawn girl who hardly communicates with her parents and full of teenage angst. I could not bear to see her like that and even though, many people said that she would outgrow this behaviour, there were no signs of it abating. Tried many methods before but to no avail. Then, I enrolled her for the ECR as it worked wonders for me.

Sure enough! she is a completely different person now. Her true self finally shines through. For a parent, there is no greater joy to see your child happy and thriving. Just to relate, a couple of weeks after ECR, we went shopping together, just the two of us (1st time). Usually, I don’t like the clothes she chooses as it is dark and dreary. But, this time, I liked her choice and she listened to my opinion. No arguing, no angry faces (1st time). She linked hands with me while walking together in the mall and we talked so much (1st time). I was totally shocked, overwhelmed and so so happy! Thank you Dhennver & Hui Ling !

I would recommend for any parent who is doing the ECR for their children for whatever reasons, to undergo it themselves. The reason being, once your child does ECR, their energy level changes for the better and all the negativity is cleared. So, for the parent (who is still carrying their own old emotional baggage) to be able to resonate, bond and understand your child, you got to do it too! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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