The Result Surprises Me

The result surprises me

​Good evening. My name is Stephen. Actually I know Dhennver a couple of years ago but we didn’t contact each other for several years. Because I have his Facebook, so all the while he did update some articles and some news on Facebook. By coincide I clicked into the article and studied on that. I found it is quite interesting BQRT things. The testimonies seems amazing.

Before this I already come across all these energy kinds of things, about qi and chakras. I have some issues on my shoulder, arms and my palm, especially when working. I need to have long hours in front of computers that makes this thing worse, very painful, sometimes can’t even sleep well because of the pain.

I contacted Dhennver to see if these things can be solved with BQRT. We have 3 sessions, one to my forearm, one to my shoulder and one to my palm. The result surprises me. I think it is quite interesting thing. So next time I know when I have things, I have certain issues, physically or mentally, instead of going to the clinics, I know where to go now.


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