To My Surprise, About Half And Hour Later, I No Longer Feel Bloated

To my surprise, about half and hour later, i no longer feel bloated
To my surprise, about half and hour later, i no longer feel bloated

“Blocked Qi?!”

Those were my words as I found it hard to believe and yet funny to hear this coming from someone with a degree in pharmacy. I then questioned him in a joking manner, “Are you aware of what you are saying? What the he** has blocked qi got to do with my bloatedness? Aren’t you supposed to tell me that it may be due to indigestion?”.

Without answering my questions, he then said that there is way to determine that. I was amused when he said that and I was kind of curious about how he is going to do that.

The feeling of bloatedness has had been with me for almost half a year and for sure, it does gave me an uncomfortable feeling similar to having a balloon stuffed in your stomach. Due to such discomfort, I have even tried to reduce my food intake, thinking that it maybe due to overeating.

Things started to become more interesting when he started to do muscle strength test to ask my subconscious for answers. Earlier on, I was told that whenever we tell lies, our body tends to weaken, meaning that, whenever we answer a question truthfully, the hand will not be easy to be pushed down.

Hence, this was how the ‘diagnosis’ was done by asking my subconscious mind. After getting the answers about the blocked qi, a piece of magnet was rolled all the way down my spine.

To my surprise, about half and hour later, I no longer feel bloated. Aside from that, I even felt some weird energy moving in my body. Five days later, I was happily telling him that I am no longer feeling bloated. He smiled and said “See! Told you!

Unbelievable? Try it yourself and you will know.


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