Revealed: Untold Secrets That Affected Me

Untold secrets and emotional baggages affected her

Before the therapy I was lost. I went without knowing what to expect but I decided to try with the cost $ of the treatment I am ok to afford. I told myself if it doesn’t work, it’s only this amount of $ I’m losing. But if it works, it will be a lifelong gain that no price can be put on the value I’m getting out of this. First session it didn’t affect me much. In fact, I didn’t understand much. Second session onwards is when I really felt the presence of what was the real issue inside me. Events that was so personal that I told no one but was being dug out during the therapy. It brought light to my life and I started listening, believing and followed what I was told to do. After therapy, I continue to practise gratitude and daily journaling. All I can say is, I’m definitely better off where I am now than before I started ECR.

Secrets revealed
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