Emotional Baggage:
How To Release Them Forever?

For some reason, emotional baggage seems to be associated with previous relationship issues that is haunting us. I tend to see it as any stressful circumstances in the past that we find hard to ‘let go’. It is something so intangible, yet many of us can actually feel the weight of this baggage. 

Emotional Baggage Causing Shallow Breath

If you have been caught sighing frequently or noticed that you occasionally need to consciously catch a breath or two, you may have some signs of some emotional tension. Others may perhaps have some physical aches and pains like shoulder pain or headaches. Don’t worry… most of us do at some point or another.

Nonetheless, any of these emotional tension is not good on us especially if it is kept for a long time. You know it is not good and your friends often ask you to ‘let it go’.

However, it is easier said than done! I know that feeling and the pain.

Has Your Emotional Baggage Manifested?

If you have some emotional baggage or emotional tension that has not caused you any physical or emotional health issues. It’s great! You don’t have to wait until it manifest into other health issues. If you don’t have any symptoms and have not manifested, it is good to consider clearing them from the system before it manifest into some health issue.
According to Huang Di Nei Jing, “all kinds of diseases are caused by disorder of qi. This disorder of qi movement is disturbed by extreme changes in emotions.”
Hence, balanced emotions ensures good mental and physical health. 

So What’s The Best Way Of Releasing Your Baggage?

Blocked Qi Healing (BQRT) is a fantastic energy healing technique derived from the knowledge of the oldest medical text, Huang Di Nei Jing. Using Blocked Qi Healing, we can very effectively determine the emotions that is weighing you down. In fact, I am sure you’d agree, some events can inflict many different emotions.

56 Types Of Emotions

Although HDNJ identified 7 major emotions, I am sure you agree, there are probably more! With BQRT, we are able to identify 56 variations of these emotions to better understand the issue. With an experienced BQRT practitioner, it just takes a minute to retrieve ‘the event’. Following that, with the power of intent, the ‘blocked qi’ causing your problem is released in seconds.

​Most of my clients instantly feels ‘lighter’ after the therapy session.

Emotional Baggage Released

I am passionate about it because I have met many individuals who feels so weighed down with their emotional baggage and don’t know how to deal with them effectively. I feel that you don’t have to necessarily spend hours and hours with a psychologist to slowly peel the issues away. This can be a painful process for some to re-live again.

BQRT releases any emotional attachments to your issues immediately, painlessly and efficiently.

The pain of heartbreak is really unbearable and is probably the worse thing to experience. The pain just doesn't go away and sometimes it stays on to haunt future relationships. BQRT is a must!

Posted by BQRT on Friday, 5 January 2018

Scientists are finding more and more proof of the remarkable way our emotions can affect our immune system. BQRT can quickly remove these emotional baggage that is affecting your health.

Posted by BQRT on Saturday, 21 October 2017
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