ECR Improved My Self-Confidence, Improved My Business

Self confidence business

It’s now about 10months since I’ve completed my Energetic Cage Release (ECR) and I am happy to share with you a number of improvements that I have noticed so far.

Generally, I am feeling a lot calmer. This prevents me from reacting unnecessarily or undesirably especially in stressful situations. Perhaps people around me are benefiting from this calmer energy of mine because the energy at home is more joyful. The relationship I have with my husband and kids seems to be getting better. We are closer and I am able to express any uncomfortable feelings that I have openly with them. Hence, our communication has improved.

One of the improvements that I really appreciate is that I have much stronger believe level and self-confidence as I am able to make my own decisions easily without trying to get validation from others. That’s because I am able to listen to my inner voice and trust it.

The one transformation that I didn’t expect was my taste of food as I noticed that it has changed. So there are definitely changes biologically and shifts in mindset. I am able to keep positive mindset most of the time as I feel more grateful to all the things that happens daily, I only keep happy memories with me and I look at the goodness of people. The focus on happiness is strong.

If you have low self-confidence and stressed out like me, then I would highly recommend for you to consider doing this ECR with Dhennver and Hui Ling. Perhaps you may feel a deep sense that there are more greatness and happiness in you like I did, then it’s time to give yourself this chance. One thing for sure, all this has helped me see tremendous improvements in my business.

Emily Ooi
Mother, Entrepreneur
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