Another ECR?? I Feel So Much Difference

Happy peaceful relationships

When Dhennver and Hui Ling told me that I need to go through a second round of ECR, I was in fact in a state of disbelief as most of my family members only went through 1 round. There was another side of me telling me not to proceed. After few weeks of ding dong ding dong, I finally made up my mind that I need to proceed with my second ECR. My heart told me that I need to complete and clear everything which needed to be cleared and not leave it halfway hanging.

On the first session of my second ECR, I told Dhennver and Hui Ling that I was kinda reluctant to come and they said YES, WE KNEW IT ( OMG, hahaha ).

Going through the whole second ECR makes me feel so much different.

The changes I noticed especially after the second ECR are :-

  1. My relationship with my husband, Kenny seems to have improved bit by bit. The feeling of dissatisfied and inner anger within me really seems to have improved and subsided. The feeling of unforgiving and the past unhealthy feeling of me towards him seems to have diminished over time. I did not bottle up my feelings anymore. I can talk and expressed my feeling more freely. After being married for over 18 years, recently I noticed that he is such a pleasant and handsome man ( hahaha )
  2. My Lil Pig said to me “Mom, you are not that MEAN anymore”. Yes, the way I talked to my gals were kinda harsh and straight forward. I used to think They Don’t Understand ME. I get very frustrated whenever they disagree with my opinions. Now I am openly accepting their opinions and more friendly to them.
  3. I used to keep my ups and downs away from my family members. My sister was so surprised that I recently share so much of these feelings with her. She said to me “Sis, I am so glad that you willing to tell us so much of your feeling with me. Being your sister for 28 years, I finally know you so well. I used to be so embarrassed to let them know what I was feeling but all this is no longer a concern to me. I feel so much lighter after being able to talk so much with them. My sister in law can feel how much lighter and happier on me too.
  4. I used to wake up with a blurry mind and heavy head. Waking up every morning seems to be a very unhappy thing to me. I would start my day with anger and so much hatred within me. I always have an unproductive day and taking afternoon was a must for me. After the second ECR, all this heavy feeling no longer exists. I wake up every morning with a fresh and energetic mood.
  5. I seldom look at the mirror as I really dislike it. It is so different now as whenever I look at the mirror, I see a beautiful person. I love myself so much and I know I am worth it.
  6. I am no longer sceptical on making new friends and talking to strangers. The sensitive side of me no longer make such judgement towards people. Life is so much happier this way. I am willing to accept others suggestions too. Whenever I meet my friends, I am more confident to share my opinions and talk without so much doubts.

Last but not least, I know if I am Happy, Peaceful and Compassionate every day, it will eventually vibrate the same frequency to my Hubby, my 2 dearest daughters and also my other family members.

Really thanks my sister-in-law, Angela for introducing TipTopYou to us. Thanks Dhennver and Hui Ling who continuously supports me even after the ECR plus the monthly chanting sessions helps me so much to be a better me.

Love you all so much & Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Happy peaceful compassionate
Rachel Wong
Home maker
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