Baby Don’t Want To Drink Milk From Bottle

A quick search on the internet for “Baby don’t want to drink milk from bottle” will bring up a string of queries from concerning mothers. If the baby is refusing to drink from the bottle, it is causing a string of problems and inconveniences to the mother. They won’t be able to leave the baby to a child minder, the father won’t be able to help feed the baby during the night feeds and the freedom of the mother to do anything else is literally diminished!

As you can see, this client of mine had the same problem. Going back to work was an enormous struggle. Fortunately, after doing BQRT, her toddler started to comply. Some of the reasons that the baby had blocked qi was that she needed more attention and she had emotions of stubbornness too.

Such a relieve for the mother as a quick session of BQRT resolved this puzzling challenge. The best thing was that this healing was done through distant healing.

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