Energy Healing Practitioner Transforming Lives with New Mind-Body Healing

Hi, I am Dhennver. I am an energy healing practitioner and founder of TipTopYou.

In year 2000, at the height of my career, my world came crashing down when the doctor told me that I have leukemia. So if you feel your life hangs on a thin rope, I know exactly how you feel. This started my journey to pursue wellness that I so casually ignored in the past. You too can transform your life!

Mental Health

What’s interesting is to see my practice evolve as I began helping people with physical health issues to now being heavily focused on mental health. Most of us has so much stress and emotional baggage and we don’t even realise how it is affecting us. Before embarking on this journey, I assumed that our emotional state has little relevance to our physical being. However, it is now evident that it is far from the truth… our emotions affects every aspects of our life, not just health but also relationships, wealth and career.

I recently watched a video and it strucked me as a person who is suicidal means that he/she is ready to let go of their current life and move on to a better future. So, if you are wanting to make such a quantum leap, I have complete confidence that I can help you too. 

Pharmacist Becomes Energy Healing Practitioner

Being trained as a pharmacist, it was easy for me to quickly appreciate the beauty of both western medicine and various alternative healing modalities. 

I’ve worked with modalities like BQRT, Wellness Medical Qigong, EFT, Life Vault, Energetic Cage Release, White Light Healing, Soul Mind & Body Flow Healing, Chakra Balancing and Origin Point Therapy. Hence, as an energy healing practitioner, I am able to employ the right modality based on their condition.

It’s such a blessing to have this gift as an energy healing practitioner to help so many people transform their live. If you are having any health challenges, be it… physical health or mental health, take the leap of faith today!

Fast And Effective Pain Relief

Up to 91% of clients who did BQRT felt that they experienced pain relief immediately after the first session. 

Effective Pain and Symptom Relief

Emotional Root Released by Energy Healing Practitioner

Not only that, what’s great about BQRT is that it removes the emotional causes of the condition. Yes, even physical health like body aches and pain has emotional causes (most don’t realise until they do the therapy). As you can see, most clients feels emotionally lighter after the therapy even in non-emotional related issues.

Emotional Baggage Released

Symptoms Continue To Improve

Although not all clients will feel immediate difference with their symptoms, rest assured that since the root cause has been removed, the body’s own innate ability to heal will gradually do all its job. 

Symptoms continue to improve after sessions

Everything happens for a reason and I am blessed that our path crossed. I am looking forward to discovering the growth of our relationship together.

Dhennver Ng

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What Does My Clients Say...

After completing the therapy, I felt so much lighter and also my health has improved. I felt liberated from within. I am really glad to have come across this healing therapy. Definitely recommended! Thank you Dhennver and Hui Ling.
The best part is, my husband commented that I am more easy going and less manic. Really thanks to Hui Ling and Dhennver for all the advise and guidance.
I am now practicing both physical and mental detox and I believe this will make me a healthier and better, more compassionate person. Thanks again Dhennver, from the bottom of my heart.
The sessions that I had in TipTopYou center with Dhennver and Hui Ling was truly life transforming! If you have some reservations about doing the therapy, I understand how you feel but honestly it will make a lot of difference!
I am so thankful that I am given a second chance in life. When I was spiralling so deep down and couldn't see anymore light, Dhennver & Hui Ling rescued me.
Finally, I can breath and stomach is much happier. I can't go through all these without the guidance and suppot from Dhennver and Hui Ling. I woke up the next day and I told myself... welcome to brand new me which looks totally healthy. Thank you very much for all your patience and effort.
I really want to thank Dhennver for the job that he has done to release my energetic cage. I can feel like now I am a different person. Wow… this is something I have been looking for all this while.

So I really want all those who is listening to me now, to contact Dhennver, he has done a fantastic job to improve my life.
I want to thank you Dhennver for giving me pain free days!
Dhennver is an excellent facilitator. He is a very positive presence, he is empathic and a great listener. He doesn’t judge. He is very calming and I enjoy my BQRT sessions with him— he is not mystical about the process and the sessions are there to identify the issues and dissipate them in a practical manner. I do recommend him wholeheartedly.
I know that Dhennver’s healing sounds very abstract and not easily understood, yet it works! He has helped many kids with development issues and one should seriously consider.
After second session, I felt my body was light and I could focus better. It’s amazing experience and I am looking forward to learning BQRT more. Thanks Dhennver for your help.
I can’t thank Dhennver enough for this life changing experience. He never fail to be positive and provide suggestion in any matters. I would highly recommend to every homemaker to have faith in Dhennver and his BQRT which can help ourselves to be appreciated and have a satisfactory life.
I am grateful to Dhennver for his patience and his efforts to strengthen the relationship between my son and I. Thank you.
For those wanting to try, do keep an open mind and you’ll soon see results. My only regret is that I had not known about Dhennver much sooner! I have since recommended him to a friend and he has also experienced great change in his life. Give a session a shot—there’s nothing to lose except all the hangups and worries you are experiencing now.
When the UPSR results announcement came, my daughter scored 7As!
I am taking this opportunity to thank Dhennver as well as BQRT for doing such a good job.
Thank you Dhennver. If you have any phobia and fear, I believe BQRT will help.
My work with Dhennver in the past year continues to be life-changing.
I am truly appreciative of Dhennver having shown me, and helped me cure my skin disorder using, the power of energy healing through BQRT.
I have not felt any soreness since then. I would like to thank Dhennver for bringing BQRT into my attention and I hope others would give it a try too!
So I am glad that Dhennver did that release for me, I thank him and I do recommend if anyone who’d like to do the release, please look for Dhennver. He did a good job.