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More In Control Of My Life

More In Control Of My Life More in control of my life

Before the therapy I had engaged myself in way too many commitments and eventually hit burnout on all levels. Throw in a little existential crisis and it was the perfect storm for disintegration. The ECR then occurred at the perfect time guiding me through both the transformation process or hibernation and insight into the stages of spring and renewal. The period I went through ECR was a period of intense reflection, connection with God through faith, discover my support systems and love. These all worked in unison to facilitate my healing and the ECR helped me focus on knowing myself, […]

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming

Kid Can’t Focus, Day Dreaming Kid cant focus

When my younger son was in kindergarden, his teacher told me he was always daydreaming and finding it difficult to focus. This continued till when he was in standard 3 then I decided to move him from SK to an International School. I thought the change would be good since there will be less students per class. But the feedback from the teachers remained the same. Even at home, he would be easily distracted and struggling to understand when I did revision with him. He would constantly answer ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question and always felt the need […]


The SWITCH After ECR Testimony clouded mind

Before the therapy, my mind was clouded, not focus, constantly falling sick, unhappy, bad temper, frustration, chest was like blocked and had heart palpitations, as well as insomnia; I didn’t try anything beside going to clinic when I had fallen sick. I have this thought that nothing can be done and I am hopeless. After the therapy, I felt lighter, focus has improved, cheerful, sleeping has improved, my mind is clear and I know how to take control of myself. I’ve started to think that I should do this and do that to get better to improve myself, to get […]

Kid Scores Straight As After BQRT

Kid Scores Straight As After BQRT Kid scores straight as after bqrt

Approximately 3 years ago, I was concerned and worried as my eldest daughter was going for her major exam, UPSR. My girl was showing lack of focus and was taking it too casually (or ‘tidak apa’ attitude). As a mother, I was worried and was wondering how I was going to manage my daugthers’ mental stress. Fortunately, I learnt about BQRT from Dhennver and managed to complete the whole process. Initially, my daughter didn’t show much changes. Nevertheless, gradually over time, I realised my daughter started to do her own revisions after dinner, sometimes, even until late at night. I […]

Girl Impressed Teacher After BQRT

Girl Impressed Teacher After BQRT Girl impressed teacher after bqrt

In just a week after doing BQRT, the teacher asked my client to stay back after class! Well… my clients’ 3 year old daughter had problems of focusing and paying attention in class (amongst a few other issues). So we did BQRT on her kid. It was a shocker to the teacher as she noticed that the kid was able to focus during class and even asked to have some ‘self-time’ in the library (which never happened). ​ The teacher was so impressed she recommended it to her other parent. Most of us don’t realise how kids have emotions that […]

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